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Chambersburg, PA

Victims & Villains

Victims & Villains is a suicide prevention nerd news podcast.

With new episodes dropping every Friday, Victims is a show which talks pop culture with the heart of leading listeners towards hope and suicide prevention. Every episode comes equipped with the most recent stories in  suicide prevention, while also giving listeners education and resources on suicide & tools to overcome it.

While V&V is a secular podcast, it's a platform for ministry for Josh & Erica Burkey. They use this platform to go into conventions, churches, festivals and letting people know the good news of real hope in Jesus Christ.

Meet the Leaders

Erica & Josh Burkey are the masterminds behind the podcast and YouTube channel, Victims and Villains.

V&V is a suicide prevention pop culture podcast. Teaming up with creators from all over the world to talk indie projects, pop culture and mental health. Using their voice to reach an audience to let them know of hope for those struggling with suicide, addiction, self-harm and depression. While the content released is secular, the Burkeys use the podcast as a platform for ministry.


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