from Our Peeps

Genuine people with good hearts. I have been searching for new friends and a church family in my area, and IDH immediately welcomed me in and began pouring into my life and helping me out in practical ways. Looking forward to getting to know them more!
— Becky, VA

Drove out from Detroit Michigan and these guys let me crash here. I was blessed with being able to attend a session here and I can’t express enough how absolutely real and loving these people are. If you are new, you won’t be forgotten. Try it out.
— Parker, VA

I started out going to some of the concerts that they occasionally host, but recently started going to their Sunday night sessions. I am blessed to have a group of brothers & sisters in Christ who are so genuine & down to the earth. I live in Newport News but it is well worth the 120-mile roundtrip drive because of how much of an impact they make in my life. If you’re looking for spiritual nourishment and a group of Christian 20-somethings you can connect with, I highly recommend Identity House.
— Joe, VA

Definitely going back when I can! It’s like a rocket launcher of Jesus!
— Kellyn, VA

I’m very thankful for Haven to step up and give support to our God given ministry. After years of waiting on the Lord for this support of love and recognition of this valid Ministry, it is truly a huge blessing to have spiritual backup, prayer and accountability to show up over this calling. It came with no strings attached, that is true love in action!
— Pam, VA

You know that cheesy saying, “Its the people that makes the church not the building?” That’s probably the best way I could describe the Identity Network. They are a church, community, and family from all different aspects of life. In 2013 I was introduced to the Identity House in Richmond. It was a group of misfits that love the Lord and seem to flow in the love of the Father. No matter if someone was a stranger or coming for years this group would welcome them with open arms ready to love and share the word of God. When I started going I had been struggling with depression and feeling alone. Just in that first night of visiting, no longer did I feel alone. They became my family, reaching out checking in when I wouldn’t come some weeks or even reaching out through the week. Never had I felt so loved and cared for. The group prayed and encouraged me to go after what God had for me both out of country and out of state. Not once while I was away did they forget about me or forget to reach out. That’s how I knew they really knew what is meant to show God’s love and to care for someone more than just getting them saved. In 2016 I moved down to the sister group in Norfolk called Haven. That’s been my home now for two years. Both groups haven poured out so much, pushing, challenging, and encouraging me in my relationship with God. Honestly without a doubt I can call these people my family and my church.
— Stacie, VA