Statesville, NC

Outward Conversation

Outward Conversation has been labeled a traveling discussion group. The intent of these discussions are to provide an atmosphere where christians and non christians can discuss difficult topics such as suicide, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. We firmly believe in the healing that comes from Jesus Christ and we long to share that with people through open and completely transparent conversation.

Most events are held in people’s homes, we believe people are more talkative when they are comfortable. Usually small groups of 10-20 people because smaller groups create a personal atmosphere. We usually travel in a team of 3: Josh Stone, Chris Stone, and Rodney Feaster.

Meet the Leader

Outward Conversation was started in early 2016 by Josh Stone (pictured) and Dylan Charles, and has since grown into a bigger team. It has been called a traveling discussion group. The idea is to spark conversations on topics such as suicide, depression, anxiety, addictions, etc.

Josh, and the ministry is a part of refuge church in Iredell county, North Carolina where Josh serves as outreach pastor. 

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