Richmond, VA

Identity House

Psalms 2:7, Romans 12, 2 Corinthians 1:1, Ephesians 1:1 - Whether the Word of God is describing the people this Earth as intimate son & or daughters of the Most High or as "hagios" or "holy saints", one thing is a certainty: Within God's word & His character can be found the identities of those made in his image - us.

The focus of Identity House ministry is to pursue exactly that; a deeper understanding of the character & identity of the Sons & Daughters of God by exploring & applying His Word to our lives as individuals. Spirited teaching, corporate worship, small & corporate ministry time, as well as fellowship & activities creates an environment where anybody is welcome to come, experience, & participate in the freeing personal growth & family element of the Body of Christ as we continue to grow & learn about ourselves & our Creator.


Inside Identity House

Meet the Leaders

Ronnie Webster helped form Identity House as a simple prayer night, and over the years it evolved into a youth group, young adult group, and now a house church. He has been doing ministry for 8 years all over the east coast and in parts of Uganda. In 2015  Ronnie received his Bachelor’s degree in theology from Life Christian University.

Ronnie is a huge comic book nerd and loves music. His wife Kate, is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a big-time sports fan. She is an alma mater of Virginia Wesleyan University specializing in child education. They have been married since November 2016 and enjoy long walks with their two pitbulls: Max and Barry.

Ronnie and Kate