Our Story


The Identity Network, or IDN for short, is a network and resource for extra-curricular Christian-based organizations such as house churches, outreach programs, and deliverance and healing ministries. The original vision was birthed when God gave Ronnie Webster the idea to unite, at the time, young adult ministries that were developing throughout the state of Virginia. God was showing Ronnie how the modern church wasn’t what this generation of believers wanted; they wanted community, the power and presence of God, and more, that they unfortunately struggled to find in their current church communities. Amazingly enough, most of these ministries from the network found God and His Body outside the traditional American church.

This community found its first home in Richmond, VA and then spread down to Norfolk, VA. Soon after, the expansion of our community spread like wildfire and we found family in Fancy Gap, VA; Statesville, NC; Lynchburg, VA; Taylor, MI; and Chambersburg, PA. Over the years from the beginning of the original vision, these ministries have both grown in size and matured spiritual growth.


No one ministry or community should be an island amongst themselves when Jesus has called us to be His body. The individuals and the members of the groups may be very different in a lot of ways, and we may approach life unconventionally, yet God has called us all to have purpose.

Among the believers of this network, we are all willing to give a resounding “Yes” to what the Lord wants our ministries to look like, rather than being shackled by religious and legalistic doctrines of the past. We believe that every ministry has an identity that is God-given and we are here to help you find it. Within that purpose, we are striving to support you in finding the heart of the Father for every area of your life.

We have spent the last three years diligently developing the IDN Drive; a Drive specifically geared towards helping people find out what their gifts are, how to use them, what the enemy’s tactics are against believers, and what sanctification truly looks like. We are adding and updating it every day as we continue to grow and learn together as a community, and hope to continue exploring the realms of faith that God has for us.


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